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Service and Repair

Break-fix service and repairs for critical access points necessary to avoid hindering operations.

Maintenance and Inspection

Planned and emergency maintenance of access points and systems to ensure operational efficiency.

Install / Replacement

Scheduled installation or replacement of new and existing equipment and systems to reduce operational friction.

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Our company specializes in a comprehensive suite of services tailored to optimize and maintain loading docks. From state-of-the-art levelers to cutting-edge hydraulic systems, we ensure the seamless operation of your loading docks. Our expertise extends to precision levers, robust dock lips, and reliable bumpers, addressing every facet of loading dock functionality. We are dedicated to enhancing the efficiency and safety of your loading processes through our specialized services


Levelers | Hydraulics | Levers | Dock Lips | Bumpers

Loading Docks


We are your go-to solution for comprehensive services related to overhead doors. We specialize in maintaining and optimizing door systems, ensuring smooth and reliable operation. From meticulous attention to rollers and tracks to expert handling of springs, we cover every aspect of overhead door functionality. Our services extend to enhancing insulation and seals, contributing to energy efficiency and weather protection. Additionally, we excel in the installation and maintenance of openers, providing a complete range of solutions for your overhead door needs.


Door Systems | Rollers and Tracks | Springs | Insulation and Seals | Openers

Overhead Doors


Our expertise extends to comprehensive services for pedestrian doors, ensuring their optimal performance and longevity. We specialize in maintaining and optimizing door systems, covering everything from keys and cores to hinges. Our meticulous attention to detail includes expert handling of knobs and levers, providing a complete range of solutions to meet your pedestrian door needs. Trust us to enhance the functionality and security of your pedestrian doors with our dedicated services.


Door Systems | Keys and Cores | Hinges | Knobs and Levers

Pedestrian Doors


We offer master key solutions based on the specific needs of your facility. Our key systems provide smooth operation and peace of mind. Whether you need a complete key system or a partner to maintain an existing one, our technicians are equipped to handle any project big or small.


Key Systems | Locksmithing | Hardware | Automotive

Master Key Systems


Elevate the security of your property with our specialized services for access controls. We excel in managing and optimizing Fob Systems, ensuring secure entry points. Our expertise extends to Keypads, providing convenient and secure access solutions. Additionally, we adeptly handle Intercoms, enhancing communication and control. Trust us to integrate and maintain Cameras seamlessly, bolstering your property's overall security infrastructure. Our comprehensive approach ensures that your access control systems operate at peak performance, providing a robust layer of protection for your premises.


Fob Systems | Keypads | Intercoms | Cameras

Access Controls


Our asset tracking and preventive maintenance solutions are geared at making your operations run more smoothly. We offer integrated maintenance plans and tracking solutions so you know when your access points need attention. Our customized plans reduce operational downtime and ensure your facilities maintain smooth operations year-round.

Asset Tracking | Preventive Maintenance | Digital Solutions

Maintenance and Asset Tracking

Your Challenges, Our Solutions: Tailored Excellence for Clients

Employee Safety

Minimize door-related safety concerns and prevent OSHA citations by eliminating exposure to crushing or struck-by hazards for employees with regular maintenance.

Theft and Security

Door and access system failure impedes the ability to secure your facility at the close of business, increasing the likelihood of theft and property damage.

Reduce Downtime Cost

Businesses facing significant downtime and operational inefficiencies due to re-routing of operations or potential shutdown worry less with our tailored solutions.

Shipping/Receiving Disruption

Significant disruptions can hinder operations when businesses are not able to receive materials or ship products—especially in regard to short-term inventory.

Regulatory Requirements

Insurance and government entities require regular and scheduled inspections of certain doors as part of requirements for coverage and compliance of safety codes.

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